[28/10/05] - Gnome Jabber a dead project!
Gnome Jabber has not been developed for some time now and since I moved over to work on Gossip and am now one of two maintainers on the project I am dropping any support for Gnome Jabber.

The page will still remain here for people to use it they want to and there is a windows version (which was in beta stages when I stopped working on it) to download and try if you want.

Thanks for all the support people gave on this project!
[24/04/04] - Gnome Jabber 0.4 Release!
Gnome Jabber code name "slow down" is now available from here.

I have spent the last few weeks tidying things up after deciding that I should release one final version before getting into the thick of it with the Gossip team. I was being emailed with bug which I knew were already fixed and people were still on v0.3. Gnome Jabber has changed some what since 0.3.

[07/12/03] - Gnome CVS Update
I have now added Gnome Jabber to Gnome's CVS repositry. You can access it here.

[06/10/03] - Gnome CVS/Bugzilla & Web Page Update
I decided to update the web page today, mainly because bugs were being reported to sourceforge.net and now I have Gnome Jabber on http://bugzilla.gnome.org.

In addition to this, I thought the page was slighly confusing, so I improved it to have sections which the user can select depending on what they are looking for (e.g. FAQ, news, etc).

[24/08/03] - Joining forces with Gossip
I approached the authors of Gossip to find out their aims and goals. It turns out they have the same goals as I do for Gnome Jabber. After speaking some time and giving it some serious thought, have decided to work with the team and slowly get into developing Gossip.

The main reason for helping the Gossip team out, is that they already have a foothold in Gnome's CVS/Bugzilla system and they have implemented the client in a non-geeky way. Although Gnome Jabber is one of the most advanced Gnome 2 Jabber clients out at the moment, it lacks in usability. In addition to this, the foundation (loudmouth library) is a much better approach to this kind of application.

Bugs and issues with Gnome Jabber will still be fixed, but new features will not be implemented.