What is Gnome Jabber?
Gnome Jabber is an instant message client for Gnome using the Jabber protocol.

There is a more detailed explaination About Jabber available from their web site.
Yes, you can find them here.
Does it work for Windows?
Since development has stopped, I only got to beta stage on Windows. You can try it by downloading it from here.
Debian Download?
There is a Debian package available for v0.1 and v0.2 will by Jay Graves at put here. Jay is currently working at getting Gnome Jabber into the Debian system.
Where can I get more information?
You can find more information about the progress of this project at sourceforge.
What is Gnome Jabber built on?
Gnome Jabber makes use of the GNet library, GTK version 2.
What features does Gnome Jabber provide?
Currently supported features include:
  • Basic Chat/Messages
  • Group Chat
  • Headline Support
  • Browse Support
  • Unicode Support
  • Message History
  • Invisible Support
  • Sound Notifications
  • Emote Icons
  • Reply Indicator
Who is it written by?
It was written by one person, Martyn Russell.
Can I Getting Involved?!
Anyone can use the code within the constraints of the license. I am also no longer developing this project.